NCT’s Doyoung Made Up The Perfect Excuse To Hide Being An SM Trainee From His Friends

He didn’t want to tell his friends yet, so he created the perfect cover-up.

During his interview with W Korea magazine, NCT‘s Doyoung opened up about keeping a big part of his life secret from his friends. Like TXT‘s Soobin, who kept being a trainee secret from his friends and neighbors, Doyoung admitted to doing the same. He shared the clever way he kept it hidden for so long.

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The interviewer pointed out how Doyoung managed to keep his trainee life secret from his friends and asked why he didn’t just “tell them the truth?” Remembering his pre-debut days, Doyoung shared how it all went down.

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As soon as Doyoung passed the auditions for SM Entertainment, trainee life and school life were too much to handle at the same time. Doyoung said, “I told my mom and my teacher that I became a trainee, and I had to drop out of the school.

Since it was a whole new experience that could’ve ended as quickly as it began, Doyoung didn’t want to spread the news. He added, “I also told them that I wanted to keep it secret because I just became a trainee at that time.

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Fortunately for him, his teacher offered the perfect excuse to explain his absence. Doyoung said, “Then, my teacher told me about another student who was in a similar situation as me and suggested…telling friends that I’ll be immigrating or studying abroad.

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The cover-up worked perfectly for Doyoung, who could exit school quietly and keep his secret. He finished, “I didn’t know which would be better but my classmates believed that I was leaving the school to study abroad. I couldn’t tell them the truth before I dropped out of school.

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When his friends and classmates saw Doyoung appear as part of SM Rookies and debut in NCT 127, they must’ve been in for a shock. The friend they’d thought was far away was much closer than they thought. He’s now making everyone proud as the talented idol and actor he’s become.

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Source: W Korea