NCT’s Doyoung And Johnny Were Blown Away By Fortune Teller’s Accuracy On Their Career Plans

“I got goosebumps.”

To kick off the Lunar New Year on the right foot, NCT‘s Doyoung and Johnny did what many Koreans do to celebrate: they went to see a fortune teller.

Although neither of them put too much faith into it, they both were blown away by how accurately she had pinpointed their career plans. After hearing some of her predictions, Doyoung wanted to know how his career would fare in the future.

Fulfilling his request, she revealed, “You’ll get chances to broaden your career in March.” Before she could finish the sentence, Johnny and Doyoung were already reacting to her accuracy.

As the fortune teller added, “There’ll be chances to promote yourself,” Johnny’s mouth gaped open in pleasant surprise while Doyoung frowned his face in disbelief.

Doyoung, in particular, had been so shocked by it that he talked about the moment afterward: “I got goosebumps when she was telling me about the exact dates.” That’s when Johnny agreed and revealed why it had taken them both by surprise.

Since NCT 127 are planning to make a comeback with their second full album in March, the fortune teller had been absolutely spot-on with her prediction. “Wow, that’s true!”

Whether or not you believe in fortune-telling, that was an amazing coincidence. Watch Johnny and Doyoung react to it here.