NCT’s Doyoung And Johnny Make Sure Yuta Will Get All The Acting Jobs

They’re ready for actor Nakamoto Yuta to make his debut.

In a recent Japanese interview, NCT 127 chose the member who cries the most. They all couldn’t wait to pick Yuta, except for Taeyong.


To explain why they’d chosen him, Johnny revealed a bit about Yuta’s hidden acting potential.

He explained that Yuta is sensitive and skilled in immersing himself in his emotions. He’s so good at it that Johnny is waiting for Yuta to show off his acting skills. He wasn’t the only member awaiting Yuta’s acting debut, though.

Doyoung, the King Of Promotion, made an announcement for all directors to take notice of Yuta’s talent: “Japanese PD-nims, please call Yuta.”

With such heartfelt promotion from Johnny and Doyoung, everyone will be curious about Yuta’s future acting debut.

Whether it be on a Korean or Japanese film or show, NCTzens will be looking forward to it.