NCT Doyoung’s Polite Way Of Getting Gugudan Sejeong’s Attention Is Too Adorable

Leave it up to Doyoung to come up with his own way of being polite.

While promoting the energetic title track “Kick It” from their second full-length album Neo Zone, NCT 127 appeared on an airing of SBS‘s Cultwo Show. They were also in the presence of another idol: Gugudan‘s Sejeong, who’s promoting her solo track “Plant”.

With so many people in one space, having their own conversations, it could be hard to get anyone’s attention. That wasn’t a problem for Doyoung, who came up with a polite and “gentlemanly” way to get Sejeong’s attention.

At one point during the airing, Doyoung had thought of something and wanted to mention it to Sejeong. Since she was seated in front of him, that was a bit of a problem.

Someone else in this situation would’ve simply tapped her on the shoulder or called her name. Instead, Doyoung came up with a little something different.

When politely calling someone over, a person’s palm faces down while the person moves the entire hand up and down. He put his own twist on it, still keeping it polite. Bending half of his hand, he flapped it up and down in a funny motion.

Although it seemed like someone wouldn’t notice, especially since it didn’t look close enough to see, Sejeong instantly spotted the movement out of the corner of her eye. She was quick to turn around and help him out.

Since they were going to give an unrehearsed live performance of their collaboration “Star Blossom” from three years ago, Doyoung needed help making sure they were singing the right notes, which they did successfully.

The fact that Doyoung found such an adorable way to respectfully avoid touching Sejeong is making fans fall for his charms even more.

See Doyoung use his unique way of being “gentlemanly” to Sejeong and their past collaboration here.