NCT Doyoung’s Refusal To Hurt Renjun—Even For A Joke—Will Hit You Right In The Feels

Doyoung knows where to draw the line and rein Haechan in.

In NCT’s latest segment, It’s Awkward, But It’s OK, two members of different units come together to overcome their awkwardness with each other and grow closer. NCT 127’s Doyoung and NCT Dream’s Renjun were the segment’s first guests, receiving lines from Mark and Haechan through their earpieces.

While the jokes Renjun and Doyoung were told to say cracked up themselves and the two listening in, the latter had to draw the line when Haechan became just a little too playful.

To make conversation, Mark directed Renjun to mention their latest title track and find out if Doyoung had seen it. Laughing, Renjun repeated the question, “Hyung, did you like our song ‘Ridin’?”

For Doyoung’s response, it was Haechan’s turn to direct the conversation. Being the super playful boy he is, he wanted Doyoung to pretend he hadn’t, “I didn’t see it.”

Since Doyoung had been following along with the majority of the jokes that poked fun at himself and Renjun, he reached the point where he’d had enough and didn’t want to obey any longer.

Completely ignoring Haechan, Doyoung focused on his art and crafts while giving Renjun a kind compliment, “The new song? I thought it was very cool.” His rebelliousness had Mark and Haechan cracking up.

Even so, Haechan wasn’t ready to give up and kept repeating the line. Doyoung wouldn’t give in, at least until Haechan yelled it so loud that Renjun heard it all. By then, he’d caught onto the plan, “I can hear everything!”

The fact that Doyoung didn’t want to hurt Renjun with a joke showed how much he truly respects and cares for him. Even a little adorable awkwardness can’t stop those feelings from shining through.

When it comes to Haechan, even Mark pointed out how over the top Haechan can be, “You are so (unbelievable).”

Watch the sweet moment between Doyoung and Renjun that’ll tug on your heartstrings and make you laugh just a little.