Here Is NCT’s Doyoung Singing His Heart Out At A Subway Station To Brighten Up Your Day

Be blessed by his heavenly voice.

On “NCT Music” YouTube channel, NCT‘s Doyoung uploaded a video of him covering Billie Eilish‘s “idontwannabeyouanymore” at a subway station in New York and it’s giving everyone the chills – for his amazing voice and visuals.


Doyoung commented in the caption, “Busking has always been a dream of mine and I finally got to do it… This was such a good time and I wanted to share the happy memories with everyone.”


In the video, Doyoung is spotted finding his way to a subway station.


Once he got in, he took some time to interact with random New Yorkers and animals at the station…


… before settling down in front of a wall. In the beginning, Doyoung looks a bit awkward and nervous, as he is about to sing in front of complete strangers.


However, once he got going, Doyoung was taken over by the music.


New York subway users were blessed by Doyoung’s performance of “idontwannabeyouanymore”. Doyoung sure made some brand new fans at this mini-concert!


After the surprise performance, Doyoung was proud of what he had done. He commented the whole thing was very much a new experience for him and that he had a great time.

Watch the full clip below: