NCT’s Doyoung Sneak Attacked SEVENTEEN’s Hoshi So Well He Didn’t Have A Clue

Hoshi was completely lost in the sauce.

For the ending of SBS‘s Gayo Daejeon, SEVENTEEN‘s Hoshi minded his own business, navigating the large stage.


Seeing the perfect opportunity to surprise him, NCT‘s Doyoung didn’t pass it up.

With so many different groups on one stage, Doyoung didn’t have a hard time spotting Hoshi in the cluster. Dressed in red and black plaid from head to toe, he wasn’t hard to miss. Once Doyoung saw him, he broke away to make a small detour.

Moving toward Hoshi, Doyoung reached out a hand and slapped his butt. He then ran off like he’d stolen something. Even though it happened right before his eyes, Hoshi had no clue what was happening. If you know Hoshi, it takes him a little longer to process things.

When the sneak attack had finally registered, Hoshi raised a hand to point at Doyoung. By then, though, he was too far away to talk to.

The same-age friends, who were co-hosts for Inkigayo, probably don’t get to meet often because of their differing schedules. When they do meet, Doyoung can’t waste the chance to let Hoshi know he’s thinking about him.


See him catch Hoshi by surprise in the funniest way that’s making Carats and NCTzens chuckle.