NCT’s Doyoung Stood Up For LGBT Fans And Didn’t Care Who Heard Him

He didn’t let anyone stop him from saying what he’d wanted.

During a past live broadcast, NCT 127‘s Doyoung read a fan’s concerns that had him standing up for LGBT fans and not caring who heard him do so.

An NCTzen had begun to have a crush on one of their friends and came to them for advice on what to do about it. The thought of young love had Doyoung super excited.

Right after reading it, the brightest smile appeared on his face as he cutely laughed. Since Yuta was curious, he asked if the relationship was between a guy and a girl.

Looking back at the comment, Doyoung wasn’t able to tell. Instead of assuming who was involved, he mentioned that it could’ve also been between two guys or two girls.

After making that woke, inclusive statement, Doyoung had a mic drop moment where he nonchalantly looked right at the camera, looking totally unbothered. The rest of them weren’t ready.

Sporting a slight smile that looked like someone would be getting in trouble but wasn’t him, Lucas focused his attention off-camera.

Yuta reacted in a similar way. He quickly glanced in the same direction as Lucas had while struggling to say whatever was on his mind.

Doyoung remained unbothered, though. While looking directly at the camera, Doyoung told NCTzens to express their feelings whenever they like someone. He wouldn’t let anyone take away his voice.

Nearly everyone deserves to love and be loved. Watch Doyoung’s badass moment that’s nearly at one million views here.