NCT DREAM Reveals The Advice They Would Give To Their Pre-Debut Selves

What would you tell your past self?

After releasing their first full studio album Hot Sauce, NCT DREAM sat down with MTV ASIA answering questions about their music, lives, and future plans.

One of the questions was what they would tell their pre-debut selves if they had the opportunity.

Renjun had some simple but wise advice for himself, knowing that changing anything could have impacted the outcome of his career.

Just do what you do. Don’t think too much or worry. If I went back and said some things to my pre-debut self, things could have turned out differently, and I just want to tell him to stay the course and keep going the way he’s going.

— Renjun

The next member was Jaemin, and he wanted to give some encouragement to his pre-debut self!

I think you can be a bit more positive. Also, stay thankful because there’s a lot ahead for you, and it’ll be hard, but I also hope that it’s hard.

— Jaemin

Chenle was up next and had some more practical advice for the younger version of himself.

Don’t eat too much at night. Don’t have your face be swollen when you go do your schedules.

— Chenle

When it came to Haechan and Jisung, they looked at the challenges trainees have to face and the struggles that may come with the amount of work and hardships many go through.

There will be many things assigned to you, so you should always stay prepared to take on whatever the assignments are. Fighting.

— Haechan

Don’t be down on yourself. No matter what anyone says, since you’re the one on-stage, do listen to what others say, but don’t get too caught up on it. Have fun with your hyungs (older members), and it should be… not it will be good!

— Jisung

Jeno kept it simple with his message, and eldest member Mark tackled the worries of a trainee and the age-old problem for idols when it comes to the condition of their hair!

Just keep working hard.

— Jeno

Don’t be so worried, but have fun and enjoy the moment. Be good to those around you, and don’t change your hair color too often. Yeah, and take care of your scalp.

— Mark

They are all wise words for anyone to live by, and their pre-debut selves should be very proud of the group they have become!

You can watch the whole video below.