NCT Dream Can Tell When Chenle Is Lying, Here’s How

Jeno and Jaemin can spot all the signs.

NCT Dream were preparing to play a game of Mafia when they revealed an interesting fact about Chenle.


Whenever he lies, they can tell almost instantly that he’s not telling the truth.

To avoid suspicion in a practice game, Chenle said that it’s obvious when he’s playing as a member of the mafia. Jeno didn’t disagree with his statement.

Jeno still felt something was off and said that it wasn’t Chenle’s tone of voice that was suspicious. It was the look on his face that made Jeno pause.

That’s when Jaemin revealed that Chenle is simply a bad liar, which isn’t necessarily a negative trait to have.

Chenle might be able to convince with his voice, but his face gives it away. Watch Jeno and Jaemin expose Chenle’s tells at 14:22.