NCT Dream Can’t Stop Teasing Doyoung For His Sexy Dance

They’ll never let him forget it.

NCT Dream love to tease their “guardian” Doyoung whenever they get the chance because it shows how much they care about him.

So, when the opportunity to clown his sexy dance from The King Of Masked Singer presented itself, they took it wholeheartedly.

After Haechan lost a round of a game they were playing, he stood up to do his penalty. And, he knew exactly what to do. He copied Doyoung’s iconic dance move, making Jeno and Renjun laugh.

NCT love to joke around with each other, like Taeil‘s famous “Apado gwaenchana” line that they’ll never let him live down. And, this dance may just be Doyoung’s.

Watch his full sexy dance to “Havana” that cracked up not only WINNER‘s Seungyoon and Lovelyz‘s Yein but NCT Dream as well.