NCT Dream’s Chenle Chooses The NCT 127 Member That Would Fit Perfectly In Their Unit

Chenle even told him personally how well he’d fit in.

Since NCT Dream is one of the units of NCT that doesn’t have fixed members, the group encountered a fun question that took everyone’s minds off of their looming graduation: recruiting another member.

For an interview, each member chose a sheet of blue paper that held different questions. When Chenle opened his and read it aloud, he didn’t fully understand what it was asking. The rest of the members jumped in, explaining that it asked who he would recruit to join their group.

While he’d been gathering his thoughts, Renjun had whispered an answer into his ear. Chenle revealed that Renjun had wanted him to say that NCTzens should be who they recruit to join their group.

The cheesy answer from Renjun didn’t surprise any of them. At being exposed for it, he couldn’t help but smile. Chenle already had a choice in mind.

Despite Renjun’s influence, Chenle didn’t have to think twice about who he’d want to join the NCT Dream team: “Taeil hyung.” Everyone was impressed with his answer, a chorus of “Oh’s” coming from them.

Chenle pointed out that Taeil just seemed to be the right person who’d be able to fit in with them the best. He asked the rest of the group if they shared the sentiment. In response, Jisung gave a cheeky reason why Taeil would fit in.

Jisung stated that Taeil’s height would be on the same level as the rest of NCT Dream. That had the rest of them bursting into laughter over the playful diss of his smaller height.

Getting the conversation back on track, it turned out that wasn’t the first time Chenle had thought of the idea. He revealed that he’d actually mentioned it to Taeil before, voicing how well he’d fit in with them.

Can you imagine Taeil’s sweet voice and sense of humor paired with the rest of the members in NCT Dream? That would be quite an interesting match-up to witness.

Watch them react to Chenle’s top pick and humorously co-sign the idea here.