NCT DREAM’s Chenle Reveals The Members Frequently Think He’s Fighting With Renjun— Here’s What’s Actually Going On

It’s not what you think!

In the latest episode of radio show Akdong Seoul, host NCT DREAM‘s Chenle invited WayV‘s Kun and Xiaojun as guest stars.

Kun (left) and Xiaojun (right) | @WayV_official/Twitter

The three of them caught up and shared jokes and stories, one of which involved Chenle and Renjun. After one particularly boisterous conversation, Chenle had read one fan’s comment during the show, which asked if he, Kun, and Xiaojun were fighting. Kun was a bit confused as to why they would ask that, until Chenle guessed that it was because they were speaking Mandarin.

Kun (left) and Chenle (right) | @kun11xd/Instagram

Chenle shared that he wasn’t all too surprised at the comment, as his fellow NCT DREAM members would say the same. He revealed that “as long as we are in the dorm and Renjun and I are using Mandarin with each other, the other members will interrupt and say ‘YA DON’T FIGHT!’ every time.”

Renjun (left) and Chenle (right) | KHCHENLE/Weibo

But Chenle, being the mischievous member he is, shared that sometimes they speak in Mandarin loudly on purpose just to see their reactions. He’s always up to something!

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