NCT Chenle’s Rookie Mistake In PUBG Will Make You Laugh Harder Than It Should

He may no longer be the king of PUBG after this.

NCT Dream‘s Chenle is known as the best PUBG player of the group, which made him the perfect person to lead them to win gold medals during the Idol Star Athletics Championships.


From the funny mistake he made though, you wouldn’t be able to tell.

After spotting an enemy player, Chenle took out a hand grenade and aimed it straight for them. His plan backfired royally.

Instead of aiming it at the other player, it had bounced off the wall and landed in the house he was currently standing in. Chenle immediately jumped out of a window after realizing what he’d done and couldn’t help but laugh at his mistake.

Someone as experienced as Chenle isn’t expected to make such a costly mistake; that makes it even funnier. Watch Chenle almost take himself out of the game here.