NCT DREAM’s Chenle Insists That Mark Is Childish When Angry— Here’s What Happened

But he thinks its cute that Mark gets that way!

Many NCTzens have speculated that some members have fought or argued before, but NCT DREAM cleared the air about fighting between members in their recent live broadcast.

Chenle (left) and Mark (right) | KHCHENLE/Weibo

The members all agreed that they couldn’t remember a time they had seriously fought before, especially while on stage. Chenle then raised a question that had the members talking: What if Mark and Haechan got into a bad fight before going on stage, and they had to give each other a high five during their performance?

Mark insisted that he would follow through and do the high five anyways, but Chenle was firm in saying that he wouldn’t because he’s childish.

This was news to Mark, as he didn’t remember being mad at Chenle before.

But it seems like it was all water under the bridge as Chenle said that it was cute the way he was acting. The bond between the members can’t be broken so easily by something like a fight!