NCT Dream Chenle’s Focus On Jisung Had NCT 127’s Jungwoo Feeling Jealous

Jungwoo wasn’t letting their date get interrupted by thoughts of Jisung.

In the latest series for NCT‘s It’s Awkward, But It’s OK, the next pair of NCT Dream and NCT 127 members to deepen their bond was Chenle and Jungwoo.

Since Chenle is so close with his maknae-line friend Jisung, he couldn’t help but bring him up, making Jungwoo quite a bit jealous.

| 엘르 코리아_ELLE KOREA/YouTube

In an attempt to lessen their awkwardness, they checked the compatibility of their blood types. Chenle began to read about Jungwoo’s AB type when he became distracted, “People with blood type AB respected the other person’s freedom and privacy. Also, intelligence?

He’d been surprised the word for intelligence was Jisung’s name. He still managed to continue reading, “They also have high intelligence and sensibility–” Jungwoo had already caught on.

Placing his fist on the table, Jungwoo announced his jealousy. “Why did you have to talk about Jisung when you are with me?

Bursting into laughter, Chenle pointed out that he was only reading what was typed on the paper. “It says Jisung here.

Still, Jungwoo wouldn’t let it slide. He wanted Chenle to focus on their time together entirely. “Don’t talk about him right now.” Chenle agreed, “Okay.

Although the two may have had awkward moments throughout the episode, Jungwoo did his part in making it hilarious for them both.

See Jungwoo become actor Jungwoo to show how well he can play the role of a jealous friend.