NCT Dream Chenle’s Love For Food Got Him Into Trouble

“We’re not here to eat.”

In a behind-the-scenes clip of NCT Dream‘s Jaemin, Chenle, and Jeno preparing for the Idol Star Athletics Championships, there was something much more important than practicing for Chenle.

To stay focused on their task, they needed some fuel to keep their energy where it needed to be. What better place than a café to snatch up some snacks?

As soon as Jaemin asked Chenle what he wanted to order, he did not hold back. He’d already had his eyes on two items in particular.

Rather than following Jaemin and Jeno’s lead of ordering one single item, Chenle did what he wanted to do. Making his own rules, he stated, “One chocolate frappe and one sweet potato latte.”

Since ordering two drinks at once could be a little overkill, Jeno was taken aback, “Are you going to have two?”

Chenle didn’t shy away from answering and didn’t care what anyone had to say. With a smile, he confirmed it in the funniest way, “I’m greedy.”

Hearing how confident he was, Jaemin couldn’t deny the statement. Instead, he kept the funniness going by giving him a whole new nickname. “From now on, Chenle is a pig.” Chenle was satisfied with it, “Right.”

That wasn’t the end of Chenle’s “greediness,” either. When Jaemin approached the register to pay for everything they’d ordered, Chenle had another request.

Since a beverage usually accompanies a meal, Chenle wanted something to snack on. He pointed to the menu and added, “And, cheese ice flakes.”

By then, that was the last straw for one of his hyungs. Jeno grabbed onto Chenle and tried to turn him away from the menu, preventing him from even thinking of anything else to order. He was going overboard, “Come on, stop. We’re not here to eat.”

Chenle’s response was just as humorous as his first. As he cutely frowned, he asked, “Why not?”

Chenle was ready to throw practicing away just to have a nice little snack. Who could blame him? Who hasn’t ordered two of something just to taste them?

In the end, they scored the highest for archery, taking home gold medals. See how Chenle’s love for food had Jeno trying to make him get back on track here.