NCT DREAM Chenle’s Close Friendship With Their Manager Is Too Precious

Chenle and the managers adore each other.

Since NCT DREAM‘s early days, the group’s managers have always had a soft spot for Chenle‘s cuteness.

Manager squishing Chenle’s cheeks.

Thanks to a recent moment between Chenle and their manager, the idol proved he cares about them just as much.

| @NCTsmtown_DREAM/Twitter

When the members arrived at the airport to head to Germany for the KPOP.FLEX festival, there was one person Chenle was looking for as soon as he stepped out of the car.

In a sweet moment that instantly tugged on fans’ heartstrings, Chenle held hands with their manager. The interaction soon became even more precious.

The manager and Chenle wrapped their arms around each other’s backs, walking together as they joined the other members and staff.

The caring moment quickly caught NCTzens’ attention for showing just how close the members have become with their managers.

Fans were so touched by the loving moment they couldn’t resist snapping photos of it.

Check out Chenle and their manager showing off their close friendship.


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