NCT Dream’s Chenle Revealed Which Member Would Be The Best Husband To Marry

One takes the crown for the ideal husband in Chenle’s eyes.

Since the members of NCT Dream have such different charms, it would be hard not to want to marry all of them. Luckily, Chenle revealed which member would be the ideal husband.

For his past DREAM Challenge, Chenle was tasked with making a giant teddy bear. When he needed a bit of help, there was one person who stepped in to lend a hand.

As Renjun sewed the bear’s eyes on, Chenle announced, “Ladies, you need to marry someone like him when you grow up.” Renjun was all for the compliment, already posing.

Chenle then named all the qualities that made Renjun husband material. “He can sew clothes. Who can–

Renjun even added, “Cook food,” which Chenle promptly shot down, “Cooking is simple.” He’d be surprised how many people don’t know how to cook, though.

Chenle also shared how tidy and handy Renjun is, making him a husband any woman would love to have by their side. “He cleans his room and he can make shoes. This kind of man is perfect.

He poked fun at himself to prove it, “Someone like me just eats and plays. When you grow up, you need to marry a man like Renjun.

If Renjun’s stunning dancing, amazing vocals, and witty humor didn’t already have you hooked, Chenle’s stamp of approval will make you swerve into his lane.

See Chenle break down why Renjun is the blueprint for the ideal husband here.