NCT DREAM Chenle’s Record For Bubble Messages In A Single Month Left Jeno Shook

Fans even turned off their notifications 😂

Teaming up for the first time on NCT DREAM‘s Dream VS Dream, Chenle made Jeno‘s jaw drop by revealing his all-time record for the most Bubble messages he’s sent in a single month.

Jeno and Chenle. | @NCTsmtown_DREAM/Twitter

When Chenle asked Jeno to guess what the number was, he gave a hint that it was more than the almost four hundred messages he sent in January. Naturally, Jeno guessed five hundred and was absolutely shocked that it was even more than that.

Wearing a face of complete shock, Jeno asked, “You sent more than five hundred?” Jeno didn’t give up just yet, guessing six hundred and seven hundred only to be denied.

Making Chenle laugh with his many guesses, Jeno gave up and was even more shocked when finding out the actual number.

Chenle announced, “1,111,” leaving Jeno completely speechless at all the messages he sent on the platform. It sparked a question that Jeno couldn’t help asking.

He was worried about all the notifications it would’ve caused. Jeno asked, “Wouldn’t your fans turn off their alarms if you send that many?” They laughed again as Chenle admitted, “I heard they did.

Since receiving Bubble messages is a paid service, it’s at least good to know that Chenle is making it all worth it.