NCT DREAM’s Chenle Saved Each Member Under A Funny Nickname In His Phone

All of the nicknames matched each member perfectly 😂

During NCT DREAM‘s interview with Shopee Thailand, Chenle revealed the funny names he saved his members under in his phone contacts.

Chenle | @NCTsmtown_DREAM/Twitter

Earning agreement from Renjun for choosing “the easiest way,” Haechan liked to keep it simple by saving each member by their first name. Chenle decided to get a little creative.

He “saved each member’s name with their nicknames.” Because Haechan was curious, Chenle revealed the nicknames he chose for each of them.

Chenle saved Jeno as the well-known “Jeno Jam.” Mark was the hilarious “Big Head 3” to round out the Big Head trio.

Jaemin had a similar name as Jeno, with “Jam Jam.” Renjun‘s “In” was the shortest of them all.

Not to be confused with WayV‘s Yangyang, Haechan was saved as “Yangyang Chan.” The youngest Jisung was saved as “Glass Man,” with Chenle revealing why.

Chenle explained why the nickname matched Jisung so well, “It’s because you get hurt easily.” Mark approved, “It’s good. It’s cute.

Watch Chenle say each member’s funny nickname that he saved in his phone contacts.