NCT Dream’s Chenle Reveals Why SEVENTEEN’s The8 Is His Role Model

The two have a deeper connection than even Chenle expected.

Whenever the members of NCT and SEVENTEEN get a chance to bring up their friendships, they always share moments that make fans warm. One of those moments was Chenle revealing that The8 was his role model and why he was so special to him.

During one of Chenle’s live broadcasts on Weibo, a fan asked him to choose between his fellow NCT Dream member Renjun or SEVENTEEN’s Jun. He didn’t choose either and instead offered his own choice.

After laughing, Chenle shared how close he’s become with The8. “I’ve recently been contacting The8 often. We have more in common than expected.

From their many conversations and how well they connect, Chenle revealed that The8 was an inspiration to him. He made Chenle’s list of idols, along with Stephen Curry: “Honestly, my current role model is him.

In the same way that The8’s frank personality and wise words have won over Carats, it’s caused Chenle to appreciate him as well. “I think his attitude towards life, his style in doing things… They’re what I like and respect.

Despite how close the two have become, Chenle wishes to become even better friends with him and take in all of The8’s wisdom. “I hope to grow closer to him and speak with him more. I can learn a lot from him.

Not only does Chenle have a friend he can relate to as an idol, but he’s also gained someone to learn from as he matures into an adult. The friendships between NCT and SEVENTEEN are truly beautiful.

Source: Weibo