NCT’s Chenle Teaches Jisung The Wrong Way To Use An MP3 Player And Floppy Disk

Jisung knew something wasn’t right.

NCT Dream‘s Chenle pretended to know what he was doing in front of Jisung in their 1990s episode of Chenji’s This And That.


Chenle told Jisung he would teach him how to use the floppy disc they’d received.

Confident that it would fit with the MP3 player, he opened the floppy disc container and put the MP3 player into it. Realizing they didn’t fit at all, he burst into laughter while Jisung put him in his place.

You’re totally wrong.

Jisung pointed out the size difference between the two items, the floppy disc being bigger. Chenle realized he “almost acted like a know-it-all” based on their two-month age difference.

See Chenle learn he and Jisung were closer than he thought and laugh along with them at his failed attempt at using the old-school items.