NCT Dream’s Chenle Wouldn’t Kiss Haechan, So Jaemin Did The Honors

One man’s rejected kiss is another man’s treasure…

Any chance NCT Dream‘s Haechan gets to tease his members with a kiss, he just can’t resist doing so. Even if it’s the last thing they want to do, it’s fun for him to see their reactions.

In the second episode of Ridin’ Club, Haechan got a taste of his own medicine, receiving the kiss that he’s always wanted thanks to Jaemin.

Competing against one another in pairs, Chenle was balancing Jaemin on his legs to reach the two-minute mark.

With them being so close and meeting eyes, the rest of NCT Dream started chanting, “Kiss him! Kiss him!” That’s when Haechan spiced things up.

Since Chenle and Jaemin weren’t having too much difficulty with balance, he threw a wrench into their plan. “For your information, you can bother them if you want.”

As soon as he got the words out, he did what he was waiting for. Haechan leaned in, puckered his lips, and pretended he would kiss Chenle.

With a smile, Chenle turned away. Haechan decided to direct his kiss to someone else.

Lifting up, Haechan kissed Jaemin on his forehead instead. In the position he was in, there was no way for Jaemin to dodge it—if he wanted to.

Watching the whole thing happen right in front of his eyes, Renjun made the funniest shocked expression.

Renjun jumped back along with Jeno, who’d also been taken aback. Jisung was the one who took the crown for the best reaction. With a frown, he yelled, “Oh!”

His face expressed just how much he wanted to wash his eyes with soap. They weren’t the only ones who were having fun, though. Jaemin had a trick up his sleeve.

Since Haechan was still leaning beside them, Jaemin easily returned his kiss, placing one right on his forehead.

Haechan couldn’t handle the taste of his own medicine. He moved back and shouted, “Ah! He did it!” Chenle and Jaemin were laughing up a storm at his over-the-top reaction.

Watch Jaemin hilariously return the love that Haechan had given to him.