NCT Dream’s Compliment Relay Quickly Turned Into A Roast Fest

“Are you getting mad at me right now?” – Jeno

In everything that NCT Dream does together, they’re always making it fun and joking around. Because of that, fans gave them a task that forced them to do the opposite.

To tap into their serious sides, they were to hold hands and shower each other with compliments. Being them, it ended up turning into an entertaining roasting of each other.

From the very beginning, Chenle knew it would get out of hand. He gently warned everyone to stay focused, “Compliments, everyone, compliments.”

He then started if off on the right foot by listing off Haehcan‘s charms, “You’re always making the mood light and fun. You’re funny, and cute, and you do a good job.” Of course, Haechan immediately twisted the rules.

Turning to Jisung, Haechan turned his roasts into compliments. “You’re so tall already that I hope you stop growing now. I think your narrow eyes are really pretty too. And, you’re really adorable when you make fun and joke around with your hyungs.”

Jisung did the same when he held Jaemin‘s hand. He highlighted how wild Jaemin could be and claimed he would refer to him as more than just his hair color. “I really like your intensity and that you tend to go overboard. I’ll be sure to just call you ‘that guy’ not ‘that blue-haired guy.'”

This is where the compliment relay truly turned into a roasting session. Jaemin latched onto Jeno‘s hand and flipped it to make him compliment himself, “Jeno… You have a nice body. Don’t you? Tell the truth. You know, don’t you?”

His serious tone and expression had them wondering if Jaemin was angry with him because of it, “Are you getting mad at me right now?”

In the end, Jaemin did finish with genuine compliments. Jeno then amusingly fumbled with sincerely complimenting Renjun: “Thank you for maintaining your pure, sweet image, and thank you for always being a shining light in our lives.”

It was Renjun who took the entire cake for cleverly roasting Chenle, though. He didn’t need any extra takes or time to think of what he’d say. Making them laugh, Renjun declared, “Chenle, thank you for ignoring what the older members said as you grew up and for always talking back to us.”

If NCT Dream is this funny when filming, they truly need their own reality series separate from NCT LIFE‘s NCT Dream In Wonderland.

Check out the gradual roast fest here.