No One Was Prepared For NCT Dream’s Dark And Sexy Style

Our Dreamies really have grown up:

Almost every K-Pop group has gone through phases of styling changeups. Sometimes the results are vastly different from a previous look while other times its just a slight change. For NCT Dream, their recent styling change is so different from their normal one that NCTzens couldn’t stop their jaws from dropping.


Ever since we were first introduced to NCT Dream, their concept has ranged from cute to mature but their style has always had a slightly laid back and fresh feel about it.


That laid back fresh feeling has taken a very different turn recently. NCT Dream just performed at the 2019 K-Pop Friendship Concert in Manila, Philippines. While they certainly blew fans away with all their performances, many fans were very surprised to see what their Dreamies were wearing!


Decked out in black biker jackets, patterned shirts, and tight jeans it was definitely a vastly different look from what they normally wear.


Their new dark look soon had hearts fluttering!


Their styling change didn’t just have hearts fluttering either, it also got fans talking. Many fans expressed their disbelief over the sheer duality presented by them…


While others were starkly reminded that they have all grown up so much!


But almost everyone just couldn’t get over how handsome each and every one of them was.


The brand new style is so different from what we’re all used to, but NCT Dream slayed the look like always and made hearts flutter while they were at it too.