The Photos From NCT Dream’s Debut 2 Years Ago Will Make You Feel Old AF

They grew up so well.

It’s been 2 years since we were first introduced to the NCT Dream subunit and their adorable members. Those 2 years have shown just how much the boys have grown and it’s honestly so shocking to see how fast they grew up!


Although there have been newer groups that have pushed the boundaries on age, NCT Dream was one of the first groups to have so many young members and we have to say they blew us all away with their cuteness!


Their journey started with “Chewing Gum” and the absolutely adorable concept that went with it.


Then they came back with “My First And Last” and showed us how much they had learned with their incredible dance moves.


A few months later, the boys came back again with “We Young” while continuing to melt hearts with their sweet and cute concept.


Around this time though, there were moments when fans realized that the boys were starting to really grow up.


Fast forward to “Go” and suddenly everyone was shocked to learn the group was the same one that had performed “Chewing Gum” less than two years earlier!


We can’t really blame them because it was such a huge change in concept!


And now we’ve come to “We Go Up” and the moment where Mark is getting ready to graduate from the group.


This moment has really hit NCTzens hard not only because it’s Mark’s last time being with NCT Dream, but also because everything about “We Go Up” reminds fans just how much the boys have grown over the years.


While it’s certainly not a bad thing, it just strikes you hard seeing how each of the members has grown and changed over the past two years!


That’s probably why NCTzen’s have said that the boys will always be their baby Dreamies even if they have grown up so well.