NCT Dream Explain Why They Ignore Renjun’s Messages In Their Group Chat

Renjun tried to get them to understand his side.

In every group chat, there’s always one person whose messages go unanswered by the other members.

In NCT Dream, that member is Renjun. During their appearance on Weekly Idol, they tried to get to the source of the problem.

Acting as one of the hosts, Super Junior‘s Eunhyuk brought up the topic, “There’s been a rumor that they’re in a crisis. No one replies to this person’s messages.” Haechan and Jisung immediately sighed after hearing the problem.

Although they didn’t name the member specifically, Jisung sympathized with him. He pretended to wipe tears from his eyes as Jaemin and Jeno asked, “Who is it?”

Haechan was the first to address the issue. One of the things that stopped them from replying was the number of messages he sends, “We have a group chat room. We send funny pictures in it, and this person sends the most.”

Another reason was that the rest of the members didn’t understand his humor. Haechan further explained, “About eighty percent of them look like they’re supposed to be funny, but we don’t understand it.”

While Chenle burst into laughter, Renjun revealed himself and tried to explain why he sent his messages in the first place.

Renjun began by pointing out that he meant well, “First of all, he’s really nice,” which made everyone crack up even more. Chenle laughed so hard that he jumped out of his seat.

Renjun just wanted to share those funny moments with his members: “He’s just so kind to want to share funny things with us.”

Trying to cover up the fact that he wasn’t talking about himself, Renjun jokingly said that he always responds to the “person’s” messages, “I always write ‘lol.'”

Now that it’s out in the open, maybe the rest of the group will send Renjun more replies to his messages. They don’t need Renjun to leave their group chat again.

After all, no one likes to feel like they’re being ignored. See the funny way they handled the situation here.