NCT Dream Expressed Their Gratitude After Winning First Bonsang And Shares Future Plans

They love and appreciate NCTzens so much!

NCT Dream was awarded their first bonsang at the 29th Seoul Music Awards where they also performed some of their best tracks including, “Boom,” and “We Go Up!”

The members expressed their thankful hearts where Jeno mentioned that he is honored to have received an award together for the firs time.

This is our first time attending Seoul Music Awards. It’s the first time all six of us attended the event, so I am very excited. Furthermore, I am excited to meet my fans after a long time.

Haechan also couldn’t hide his gratefulness and shared his feelings.

Thank you for inviting us to such a big award show. I am grateful to be with my seniors and colleagues, but thank you for the award. I will work harder to deserve this award.

NCT DREAM was also recognized as the first Korean male group to land a top spot in the Oricon weekly chart before they have debuted in Japan. They recently released their first Japanese mini album, The Dream, which contained Japanese versions of some of NCT Dream’s best songs!

While holding our concert in Japan, we were able to make good memories with our Japanese NCTzens. I hope that we can continue seeing them.

Jeno also added that he can’t get into much detail with the group’s future plans, but among those, there is one thing that is guaranteed, and that it is their growth as artists.

It’s difficult for me to give out details, but I promise you that NCT Dream will continue to show growth.

Jaemin made sure to add a reminder for NCTzens before the interview ended and shared a sweet message.

Our NCTzens, I always tell you to eat well, but they still skip their meals. It’s important to eat well and watch your health so you don’t catch the colds these days. Your health is the most important.