NCT DREAM Played A Guessing Game And It Got Chaotic

NCT DREAM played a fun guessing game and the result was hilarious.

There was comedy, competition and chaos.

NCT DREAM is currently promoting their new single, “Glitch Mode”. To connect with international fans, they dropped by hello82 to play guessing games based on fan submitted art. The segment started off strong with Mark showcasing his multilingual skills to the confusion of fellow group members.

For the first game, NCT DREAM was shown fan art of their choreography and had to guess which song it corresponded to. At first, the members were so eager to play that they often forgot the rules . They quickly got the hang of things, especially Haechan, who had the most correct guesses. Competition became a little fierce as Haechan defended his throne against Mark.

The members didn’t miss a chance to poke fun at each other with Haechan not letting us forget about Doyoung‘s infamous jacket from his “Simon Says” teaser image.

Doyoung’s “Simon Says” Teaser Image | @NCTsmtown_127/Twitter

In the second game, member Jisung took on the challenge of recreating a portion of the fanart. Haechan hilariously roasted Jisung when he tried to mention an art award he received in elementary school.

At the end of the day, it’s all love between the NCT DREAM members… unless you cross Haechan.

Check out the rest of the fun segment below!