NCT DREAM Lost It After Finding Out Haechan’s Favorite Actor

Haechan couldn’t miss the chance to do a little teasing 🤭

NCT DREAM‘s Haechan kept his members on their toes by naming his favorite actor and making all of them laugh with his teasing.

Haechan | @NCTsmtown_DREAM/Twitter

Sitting down with BuzzFeed for a quick round of answering thirty questions in three minutes, the outlet asked who was their “favorite actor right now.Jeno passed the mic to Haechan.

Instead of naming an actor or actress that’s been trending from the hit Korean dramas Twenty Five Twenty One or Bussiness Proposal, Haechan surprised them all. He answered, “NCT‘s Doyoung.”

Every single member burst into a smile and chuckled at the unexpected response. Haechan’s facial expression sealed the deal on how funny it was. It wasn’t the only time he’d been so supportive of “Actor Do.

When Doyoung made his acting debut in Café Midnight Season 3: The Curious Stalker as the male lead, Haechan tuned in to watch every episode. He even teased Doyoung by repeating lines from his drama.

Doyoung back-hugging Haechan.

Check out Haechan finding the perfect way to tease Doyoung and show his support.