NCT DREAM’s Haechan Is Hilariously Shook When Learning How Young ENHYPEN’s Ni-Ki Is

His reaction was actually too relatable.

NCT DREAM‘s Haechan was completely (and relatably) shook when he found out how old ENHYPEN‘s Ni-Ki is, giving the most relatable reaction ever at the news.

NCT DREAM’s Haechan | @haechanahceah/Instagram

As the maknae of NCT 127, Haechan is likely very used to being the youngest member in the room. Yet, given that fellow NCT DREAM member Jisung was one of the youngest idols at the time of their debut (and is still the youngest of NCT‘s 23 members), it’s likely that Haechan also got used to the idea of Jisung being the youngest wherever they go. With Jisung being born in 2002, the feeling is totally understandable!

NCT DREAM’s Jisung | @NCTsmtown_DREAM/Twitter

It’s no surprise then, that when Haechan, MarkRenjun, and, Chenle visited the KOREA Dispatch event D’FESTA, Haechan once again assumed that Jisung was the youngest idol among the participants.

The NCT DREAM members walked around the event’s exhibition, having fun and leaving teasing comments on each others’ posters.

| KOREA Dispatch via 7cosmic/YouTube 

Naturally, Haechan couldn’t resist leaving a comment on Jisung’s poster…

…and as he did so, it prompted him to wonder who the youngest idol in the exhibition was, and he asked if it was Jisung. Chenle already seemed to know it wasn’t, as he replied, “It’s not Jisung, what are you talking about?”

A staff member then informed him that the youngest idol in the exhibition was ENHYPEN’s Ni-Ki, which left Haechan hilariously in shock.

Ni-Ki was born in December 9, 2005, making him currently 16 years old—a full 4 years younger than NCT’s maknae Jisung!

Fans affectionately noted that Haechan and his members are just too used to Jisung always being the youngest, something that is now changing as NCT DREAM continues to mature.

Of course, Haechan is not alone in being surprised at Ni-Ki’s young age, despite the fact that NCT DREAM were also just as young when they debuted. There has been plenty of controversy surrounding the seemingly decreasing debut age for K-Pop idols, and fans are hoping that this is one aspect of the industry that will change soon.

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And watch the full clip from D’FESTA on the link below.

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