Here Are NCT DREAM’s Haechan, Jeno, Jaemin, And Renjun’s Favorite Members

Each of them has a member who they like the most lately.

Between giving out kisses and laughing, NCT DREAM showed their close bond behind the scenes of their dance performance for Studio Choom. Because of that, it was easy for Renjun, Jeno, Haechan, and Jaemin to name which ones had become their favorite lately.

As soon as they were asked who was their “favorite member these days,” Jaemin couldn’t hide his self-confidence as he chose himself. Haechan and Jeno jumped right in with jokes of their own.

Jaemin: There is a guy called Jaemin.

Jeno: That guy isn’t good.

Haechan: He’s the worst.

Renjun chose Jaemin because of the special gift he received from him. Renjun said, “That friend gave me a nice present, so I like him.

At first, Haechan denied that he had a favorite by saying, “I really, really have none.” He couldn’t hide how much he loved Renjun’s new look, funnily complimenting him.

But if I have to pick one, then I’ll pick Renjun. Renjun is like a baby. He’s like a baby soldier.

— Haechan

Despite Mark‘s unusual habits, that’s the very reason Jeno chose him as his favorite recently.

Jeno: He’s weird these days.

Jaemin: He’s weird every day.

Jeno: His weirdness is very charming these days.

Since the members grew up together and continue to change, they always find new things to like about each other.