NCT DREAM’s Haechan Can’t Forget Their “Kimchi Jjigae” Fight, Here’s What Happened

Here are the details on the incident Haechan won’t let them forget.

When NCT DREAM discussed rules for a friendly competition, Haechan suggested a penalty for fighting—which reminded him of one of their past ones he still can’t let go of.

As soon as Jeno and Chenle asked him to define the standard for fighting, Haechan made them laugh when saying, “For example, something like the kimchi jjigae incident.

Though the Jaemin said, “He’s holding grudges,” and Mark added, “He was hurt,” many wondered what incident Haechan had been referring to. In a past live broadcast, Haechan spilled all the details on the kimchi jjigae incident.

Haechan | nct_dream/Instagram

During NCT 127‘s promotions for their hit “Kick It”, Haechan discovered a tasty restaurant where he “ate kimchi jjigae there every Friday, throughout four weeks.” It was so delicious that all the members agreed it was top-notch.

There’s my favorite kimchi jjigae place that I go whenever we perform on ‘Music Bank.’ We ate there in the first week of promotion of ‘Kick It’, and everyone said this place was so nice. I thought this is a must-eat place.

— Haechan

After sharing it with his NCT 127 members, Haechan wanted to do the same for NCT DREAM’s “Ridin'” promotions. He said, “I liked it so much, and I hoped to eat it with NCT DREAM during their promotion.” It didn’t pan out that way, though.

Haechan recalled the teasing he received for wanting to eat it with them: “When I joined NCT DREAM and suggested kimchi jjigae, Renjun and Jaemin said, ‘Should we eat kimchi jjigae again? Do you like it so much?’

Haechan admitted he’d been hurt by it and couldn’t even enjoy the dish anymore. He said, “So I said I was disappointed. Since then, I was a bit discouraged and couldn’t eat kimchi jjigae.

In the end, Haechan tried not to take it too personally since he wasn’t the only one the members poked fun at. He said, “But I should not complain since we do such things to each other in NCT DREAM.

He revealed that “nobody can remember who started it” and that all of the members go “back and forth” with their teasing.

Although it’s almost a year later, it looks like Haechan still won’t be forgetting it any time soon.

Source: Naver Live