NCT Dream’s Haechan Dishes On How The Members Were Treated During Their Trainee Days

He revealed how the young members of NCT Dream were treated back then!

When they debuted, NCT Dream was comprised of NCT’s youngest members, and their cheerful and youthful concept attracted tons of fans!

NCT Dream’s “chewing Gum” era | SM Entertainment

Most of the members also trained for around 3-4 years, and were some of the agency’s youngest trainees at the time. In an episode of Jaejae‘s MMTG, NCT Dream appeared as guests, where Haechan spilled on their treatment from company employees during their trainee days!

(From left to right) Pre-debut Jeno, Haechan, Jisung, Jaemin, and Mark

While reminiscing their “Chewing Gum” days, the members couldn’t help but cringe, and Jaejae took the opportunity to ask them how they felt about being treated as babies back in the day.

I think there must have been some complaints because you guys were treated like babies back then.


Haechan spoke up, and revealed that it was actually great for them, because during trainee evaluations, they got away with tons of leniency and compliments!

No. It was a good thing. When we had to be evaluated as trainees…

[They would say] ‘Yeah, you guys did great. You get going!’


His members heartily agreed, with Jisung exclaiming “sweet!” to further emphasize how nice they were to them!

And now that so much time has passed, the members of NCT Dream have all grown up, but still entertain fans with their boyish charm and personalities!

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You can watch them talk about it here!