NCT DREAM’s Haechan Cutely Proves Himself To Be EXO Baekhyun’s #1 Fan 

His excitement for Baekhyun’s new song was so cute!

NCT DREAM took a mini vacation for their travel show “7llin’ In The Dream,” and the members are ready to cook and eat after a long day of playing.


Everyone had their own assigned tasks, and Haechan seemed to put himself in charge of music. So of course he had to blast Baekhyun‘s “Candy”.

He also made sure to express his excitement for the clock to hit 6 PM. Why, you may ask? Because that was when Baekhyun’s newest song “Bambi” was set to release. Even while on this busy schedule, Haechan didn’t forget to tune in for Baekhyun’s new song. And you best believe when it hit 6 PM, Haechan announced it to the rest of his members.

Haechan was enjoying the song immensely, singing along and gushing over Baekhyun’s vocal skills.

It’s clear how much Haechan respects Baekhyun, and super cute how he excitedly waited for the song to release at 6 PM!

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