NCT Dream’s Haechan And Renjun Turned The “Seoul Music Awards” Into Their Own CF Segment

They couldn’t pass up the opportunity.

The Seoul Music Awards created many memorable moments and interactions between artists that were generally heartwarming and adorable to see.

When NCT Dream‘s Haechan and Renjun appeared on camera, they took a different approach. They chose to have some fun while also taking the opportunity to show off how well they’d do starring in their own CF.

As soon as Haechan spotted the camera filming him, he knew exactly what he’d planned to do and acted instantly. Since he was already holding his drink in his hand, he brought it to his mouth and took a sip, preparing for the highlight.

After taking the sip, Haechan made a facial expression as if the beverage had refreshed him. Even though you couldn’t hear it, you could imagine him saying, “Ah.”

To top it off, he gave a warm smile to seal the deal and make you want to drink it too. He wasn’t the only one who wanted to snatch up a CF deal, either.

Renjun followed his lead. While holding a stuffed animal provided by the awards show, he gently held it as he pretended to feed it. He finished it off with a smile. Another member even gave a thumbs-up.

From these clips, NCT Dream are more than ready to snatch up some new endorsements. Watch both of them hilariously put their best acting forward.