NCT Dream’s Haechan Tried To Recommend A Tip For Perfume, But It Ended With Renjun Kissing His Elbow

“Perfume is sprayed where one wants to get a kiss.”

NCT Dream‘s Haechan once shared his tip for making your perfume scent last longer, and it ended with Renjun hilariously kissing his elbow!

Renjun and Haechan | @nct_dream/Instagram

NCT Dream was recently on Boys Mental Training Camp, and in one of the segments of the show, got the contents of their bags checked by the host, Defconn!

As Haechan was the last member to have his bag looked at, his members were totally looking forward to seeing what he carried with him! It was soon his turn, and the first item Defconn pulled out was chocolate-scented perfume! Haechan then took the opportunity to share a perfume-related tip with everyone, and revealed how to make your perfume scent last longer!

I really like perfume. I have a tip on how to wear perfume. If you spray it on your wrist, the friction makes it worse [for the smell to stay]. You can’t spray perfume on your wrist. You have to spray it near your elbow; behind the elbow!


Renjun then had a tip of his own to share about where to spray perfume for maximum effect…and it’s not what anyone expected at all!

Perfume is sprayed where one wants to get a kiss.


As everyone took in this new information, Haechan hilariously went over to Renjun while telling him to kiss his newly perfumed elbow, and Renjun obliged!

Please kiss here!


Haechan and Renjun make one hilarious duo!

You can watch the whole thing here!

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