NCT Dream’s Jeno Couldn’t Be Mad At How Jaemin Ruined His Birthday Cake

Renjun has experienced this type of destruction before from Jaemin.

Although NCT Dream’s Jaemin is one of the group’s oldest members, that doesn’t stop him from having his own silly moments every now and then, especially when he’s hyped from coffee.

He had one of those hilarious moments when he unleashed his destructive side on Jeno‘s birthday cake.

Wanting to celebrate his birthday with fans, Jeno held a live broadcast. With colorful lights behind him and a cake with colorful candles in front of him, it looked like the celebration he intended. It was the cake that really captured everyone’s attention, even Jeno’s.

The tan and white design on top of the cake combined with the “Happy Birthday Jeno” sign was lovely. What threw it off was how smushed half of it was. Jeno couldn’t help but show the spot to the camera, “Do you see this, guys? Where did half of the cake go?”

While everyone wondered what had happened to it, he didn’t make NCTzens wait long for an answer. After gently putting the cake back down on the table to avoid any more damage, he explained that it had all been because of Jaemin.

Funnily enough, it happened by accident, “Jaemin sat on the cake while it was in the box, so the cake got crushed.”

Knowing that the scenario sounded like something straight out of a comedy, Jeno burst into laughter after giving the explanation. He couldn’t help but think out loud, “Having a cake with Jaemin’s butt,” before laughing again.

As if that wasn’t funny enough, Jeno’s birthday cake hadn’t been the only thing Jaemin destroyed with his butt.

When the group had to guess how Renjun‘s plant died, both Jeno and Jaemin knew what had killed it. Jaemin had to acknowledge it, “Isn’t it the one killed by me?” Jeno revealed how he’d done it, “Isn’t it the one killed under his bottom?”

Having known each other for so many years, Jeno’s couldn’t even be upset with his close buddy Jaemin. This will be yet another hilarious memory to add to their friendship.

As for Renjun’s plant, it’d be understandable to be just a smidge upset. After all, taking care of one takes a lot of time and attention.

See Jeno give the funny explanation behind his crushed birthday cake, starting from 3:26. It hilariously gives another meaning to cake.