NCT Dream’s Jaemin Exposes The Hardest Part About Being Roommates With Jisung

Jisung wasn’t ready to be called out on it 😆

NCT Dream‘s Jaemin has a major soft spot for their maknae Jisung, who he loves to claim he birthed himself. When it comes to his habits as a roommate, Jaemin isn’t as quick to claim him.

During a sit-down with STAR K, he didn’t have to think twice about calling out Jisung’s habit that keeps him from a peaceful night’s sleep.

There was one story that came to mind when Jaemin thought of roommates. It happens when he’s already shut off the lights and preparing to close his eyes. Although it takes him some time to settle in and drift off, there’s something that always stops him.

He began, “You know when you turn off the lights to go to sleep? So, we turn off the lights. And, usually, Jisung goes to sleep first. But, it takes me kind of a while to fall asleep.”

A smile beginning to show on his face, Jisung saw precisely where the conversation was headed, “Ah, wait a second.” Jaemin didn’t wait; he kept going. He underlined how hard the habit was to deal with, “But, it’s so difficult. The most difficult thing about being roommates because I fall asleep after him.” What was he referring to?

Right when Jaemin is on the brink of falling asleep, Jisung’s snoring brings him right back to reality. He even imitated how Jisung looks while sleeping, “It’s like… I’m just about to fall asleep, and then suddenly he goes like this.”

The sound is made even louder because of the stated of Jaemin’s ears, “My ears…are really sensitive, especially when I’m about to fall asleep. I mean, I can’t just not sleep.”

Thinking the loudness may be more than just from the snoring, Jeno asked if Jisung did anything else while sleep, “Does he grind his teeth?” He quickly denied it. Jisung’s snoring alone was enough to keep Jaemin awake, “No, he doesn’t grind his teeth. He just snores.”

Since the staff was curious if Jisung’s snoring was truly as loud as Jaemin made it out to be, they couldn’t help but voice the question aloud. Haechan was quick to confirm that it was. While nodding, he said, “It’s pretty loud.”

Because Jaemin can’t go without sleeping, he came up with a way of solving it, though. All he needed to quiet a noisy Jisung was a swift kick—to their bed. “Yeah, but when it gets too loud… Since we have bunk beds, if I just kick the frame like this really hard, then he’s like…and he gets quiet again.”

After everyone else gave their two cents about his snoring, Jisung wanted to defend himself. He interjected, “Wait. But, lately, it’s not as bad as it used to be. I used to snore a lot because I was having a hard time, but–” Jaemin wasn’t having it. He finished Jisung’s thought with, “Now, I’m having a hard time.”

If you’ve ever wondered what being roommates with Jisung is like, besides having all the games and tech you’d ever want to use, you’d be stuck with his loud snoring. Check out Jaemin exposing Jisung’s habit that even Haechan can agree with.