Here Is What Makes NCT DREAM’s Jaemin A True Celebrity, According To Mark

Jaemin proved he’s got this celebrity thing down.

There are many things that make NCT DREAM‘s Jaemin an idol truly worth looking up to, but there was one thing in particular that was revealed in the latest episode of Dream VS Dream that, according to Mark, makes Jaemin a true celebrity.

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Jaemin and Mark faced off against each other to see who knew the other best, and Jaemin came out as the winner after Mark failed to answer some questions correctly. These questions pointed to a very ‘celebrity-like’ interest of Jaemin’s: skincare. Jaemin asked Mark to name the skincare product that he uses last in his skincare routine…

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…and it left Mark hilariously confused. Jaemin, on the other hand, showed himself to be a total skincare pro as he listed out to Mark all the different types of products his skincare routine includes. He even got impatient when Mark gave the most general answer possible, insisting that there’s different kinds of creams.

When Mark was unable to guess the correct product, Jaemin revealed that the last product he uses in his skincare routine is eye cream, which left Mark rather impressed. Mark admitted, “You’re a celeb. I don’t apply eye cream.”

Jaemin couldn’t let that stand. He told Mark he had to do it to prevent premature skin aging, and even gave him tips on where else to apply it.

But that wasn’t the only skincare-related question that Jaemin had for Mark. Later on, Mark was once again left at a loss as to the answer when he read Jaemin’s next question, which was, “Which part of the skin ages the fastest?” Mark ended up guessing random facial traits, resulting in a hilarious debate about whether wrinkles themselves age or not…

…and whether beards age or not.

After going dangerously far down the list of body parts, Mark eventually got the correct answer, which is the neck.

Jaemin explained that, because it’s the part that ages the fastest, one has to make sure to apply lots of product to that area. Mark was once again left impressed with Jaemin’s knowledge of skincare, praising him with, “You’re a celeb. That’s cool.

And Mark totally has a point: Jaemin’s flawless visuals make it really hard to disagree with him…and to ignore his skincare tips! Jaemin definitely proved he’s a true celebrity after dropping all that knowledge.

You can watch the full clip on the link below and hear the tips from the man himself.