NCT Dream’s Jaemin Is Praised For His Maturity As He Prepares For His Future Retirement

He’s preparing for the future.

NCT Dream recently made a guest appearance on Weekly Idol to promote their title track “Hello Future.” Besides playing games and performing covers, they also had interview portions that revealed new facts about the members.

NCT Dream

In one segment, each member picked a board with a short description on the back. They were tasked with matching the board with the member who fits it best. Renjun chose the one that said, “Which member is most likely to thoroughly prepare for retirement in the future?” 

Jaemin was among the three chosen due to his forward-looking personality. Jeno explained that he is “very realistic.”

Jaemin is the type who prepares for the future.

— Renjun

He’s not just a singer but a financial planner as well! Jaemin revealed that his personal finances are already in order. He invests a portion of his salary every month on his eventual retirement from work.

I pay for a pension, a retirement pension account, and personal annuity savings.

— Jaemin

To make it even more impressive, Jaemin added that he was self-motivated. Despite only being 20 years old, he’s already preparing for his life decades down the line.

I made everything. I did it by myself.

— Jaemin

He was praised profusely by the hosts for his maturity.

Eunhyuk: That’s incredible.

Kwanghee: He’s a decent young man.

That’s NCT Dream’s beloved Jaemin!


Check out the full video below!

Source: YouTube