NCT Dream’s Jaemin Mistaking Super Junior’s Eunhyuk For Leeteuk Had Them Shook

Jisung couldn’t stop watching the hilarious train wreck.

During their promotions for “Ridin'”, the funny guys of NCT Dream appeared in the latest airing of Weekly Idol hosted by Kwanghee and Super Junior‘s Eunhyuk.

Not only did they make the challenges funnier than they were, but Jaemin managed to turn his sincere ending ment into a chaotic laugh-fest.

He began by expressing his thanks for being able to appear on the show after such a long time, “It’s been nine months since I last came to this show. It was very nice to see you all.”

What he said next had the rest of the NCT Dream members and the hosts cracking up. Jaemin wanted to think the Super Junior host for treating them well. Instead, he delivered the funniest slip-up. He said, “With Leeteuk.”

They were all shook. Jeno, Jisung, and Haechan all stared at Jaemin for his mishap, trying to process what had just happened. Kwanghee was the first to show a dramatic reaction, his jaw dropping to the floor. Eunhyuk gave Jaemin a confused look, “Leeteuk?”

Everyone then burst into laughter at the hilarious mixup. With an embarrassed smile, Jaemin tried to clean it up, “I meant Eunhyuk.” Seeing that chance to use Jaemin’s favorite line against him, Eunhyuk shook his hand and said, “You’re crossing the line.”

Even though Haechan had held his hand over his mouth in shock, Jisung looked the most shook, his eyes darting between everyone. It was as if he’d been the one caught.

While everyone laughed up a storm, including Eunhyuk, Jaemin was regretting his slip-up. Crouching down, he screamed, ” Ahhh!”

Since Jaemin previously had moments throughout the filming where he confused himself, he used it as an excuse. Clutching onto Eunhyuk’s leg for forgiveness, he claimed, “I’m sorry. I’m just passing through.”

Chenle was having the best laugh of his life. Laying on the floor from the force of his dolphin-pitched laughing, he banged on the floor.

Afterward, they still couldn’t believe what went down. Haechan attempted to hide his laughing when Jaemin gave an apology. Holding his stuffed yellow prize, he bowed, “I apologize once again.”

Eunhyuk hadn’t been bothered by the case of mistaken identity. It was just as amused as everyone else. Watch all of their hilarious reactions to Jaemin’s funny mishap here.