NCT DREAM’s Jaemin Is Peak Relatable As He Proves He’s Ready To Be A Dog Dad

“Doggies are love,” — Jaemin

NCT DREAM‘s Jaemin and Renjun recently made a guest appearance in KBS‘s The Return Of Superman, where they spent time with baby Kylo and his father, Kevin Dockry. But while both members proved they are great with kids, Jaemin couldn’t help but give plenty of attention to the family’s adorable dog Namu, proving he’s more than ready to be a dog dad.

(From left to right) Renjun, baby Kylo, Kevin Dockry and Jaemin | @nct_dream/Instagram

Jaemin has always been known to have a love for animals, especially dogs. Whenever there is a dog on set, Jaemin can almost always be found petting it. He even had the cutest costar in one of his solo activities posing for Tom Ford.

| NCT/YouTube 

But more than anything, he has a special love for Samoyeds, which he plans on getting in the future.


So, while Jaemin’s guest appearance in The Return Of Superman shows he is clearly great with kids…

| 슈돌 – 슈퍼맨이 돌아왔다/YouTube 

…it actually also proved he’s totally ready to be a dog dad, as he spent much of his time showering the adorable Husky, Namu, with love—rubbing her face and hilariously squeezing her cheeks while talking to her in gibberish. (And if that isn’t relatable…)

He asked questions about her, proving that he knows what he’s talking about as a dog person, before he proceeded to try tempting her into a game of puppy wrestling. His antics pretty quickly succeeded!

Considering she is a big dog, Kevin had to ask Jaemin if he wasn’t scared of her… But Jaemin knew better, saying that he knows Namu isn’t aggressive at all.

In fact, she adorably brought her toy out to play with him!

She was so irresistible that even Renjun also had a turn playing with her and practicing tricks.

Overall, the two NCT DREAM members had a great time with Kevin, baby Kylo, and Namu. But if there’s one thing that was made clear, it’s that Jaemin needs to be on a reality show with dogs as soon as possible!

For more of Jaemin and Namu watch the full episode on the link below.