NCT Dream’s Jaemin Shares His Cooking Method For The Best Instant Noodles

If Jeno approves, this must be why.

NCT Dream‘s Jeno and Jaemin went for a bicycle ride together. During the long trip they’d planned out, Jaemin got hungry.


As they stopped for food, Jeno revealed that Jaemin makes the best instant noodles and left it up to him to cook it.

While the instant noodles were cooking, Jaemin gave his tip for making them so well. It was best not to stir or turn around the noodles.

Jaemin was so serious about his technique that he repeated twice more that the noodles are “never” to be stirred when cooking.

Jaemin takes his cooking of instant noodles seriously. If they’re as good as Jeno says, then he has reason to. Watch Jaemin’s skill in cooking instant noodles here. Will you be giving the method a try?