NCT Dream’s Jaemin Shares The Secret To His Good Looks, And It’s Simpler Than You Think

It’s actually pretty clever.

During a photoshoot for CHIC TEEN magazine, NCT Dream‘s Jaemin was asked to reveal the secret behind his good looks.

Upon hearing the unexpected question, he couldn’t help but laugh. When he began to answer, “Ah, firstly. If you want to be good looking…,” the words themselves made him laugh as well.

Once he gathered his composure, he then shared the secret: “I think it’s because of the fans.” He then gave an understandable explanation for the cheesy response.

NCTzens make Jaemin happy and looking forward to meeting them more so. Keeping in mind that beauty comes from the inside, it actually makes sense.

I live every day thinking about getting to meet the fans and that makes me more handsome

Even though he attributes his good looks to NCTzens, it’s more like their love makes him shine brighter. From Jaemin, what other kind of answer can you expect?