NCT Dream’s Jaemin Always Takes Care Of His “Son” Jisung, Even During A Challenge

He can’t help but look out for him.

During NCT Dream‘s appearance on School Attack, they prepared for their mission by setting up their radios. Since Jaemin has called Jisung his son more than once, he jumped right into action by helping him.


Jaemin carefully unraveled the radio’s wire as Jisung happily watched.

Although Jisung could’ve easily done it himself, Jaemin then stretched it out and made sure it wouldn’t be a hassle for the maknae.

Jaemin even went a step further by placing it in his ear and testing to see if it worked properly.

From the person who said he gave birth to Jisung, Jaemin always makes sure he’s taken care of. See Mommy Jaemin in action here.