Jaemin’s Treatment Of Their Staff Had NCT DREAM Feeling Jealous

Mark and Renjun were super impressed.

On 37.5MHz Haechan Radio, NCT DREAM revealed one of the sweet things Jaemin did for their staff and shared their wish for him to do the same for his members.

Jaemin | @NCTsmtown_DREAM/Twitter

During one of the times when they were barbecuing, Jaemin thought it would be rude not to let the staff take part. He said, “We grilled meat back then, so for the staff to buy meat…

Wanting everyone to eat a hearty meal, Jaemin “treated the staff members to barbecue.” They were then impressed by Jaemin’s following words.

Instead of using the company’s card, Jaemin used his own. They all said, “Wow,” when Jaemin answered, “My personal card.

Haechan couldn’t resist asking, “When will you treat us?” Jaemin made them laugh by saying, “I won’t do that,” just as quickly.

While others do good deeds just to get noticed, Jaemin was so focused on treating the staff well that the rest of the members hadn’t even known he’d paid for the meal. See them getting just a bit jealous here.