NCT Dream’s Jeno Accidentally Revealed His Password On Live Broadcast

They laughed as soon as they realized it.

Just about anything can happen during a live broadcast because everything is happening in realtime. Since NCT Dream do them so often, they’ve become so comfortable to the point where they briefly forget that people are watching.

That’s what happened during their recent one, where Jeno accidentally revealed one of his passwords on air.

On the device’s screen they were using to stream what they were doing, Jeno decided to connect it to another network. That network happened to be his own phone, which he’d turned into a hotspot. Without a thought of what he’d be showing live, he selected it from the options.

For all the viewers to see, Jeno typed in the password for it, making everyone chuckle with how simple it was: repeating one single character. After connecting with his phone, he didn’t yet realize what he’d done. From taking a look at all the comments fans wrote, that’s when it clicked in his mind.

Catching on to how funny the situation was, Jeno immediately turned to Jisung and pointed the comments out to him. They both cracked up over the hilarious mistake.

Moments like this can happen to even the best of people. After the live broadcast aired, fans are hoping Jeno ended up changing his password. Watch the funny moment Jeno realized what happened here.