NCT Dream’s Jeno Discovers The Member Who’s Been Stealing His Ice Cream

The culprit was unapologetic about it.

NCT Dream‘s Jisung, Jaemin, and Jeno were discussing popular food items among their group when Jeno solved the mystery of something he’d been wondering.


That mystery was the case of his disappearing ice cream.

Because Jeno was curious about it, he announced that someone had been taking it. He shared that every single time he buys it, half of it suddenly disappears.

It happens so frequently that Jeno thought someone was trying to pull a joke on him by only taking half. That’s when Jisung outed himself by saying, “I want more.”

I thought someone [was] doing magic.

As the maknae, Jisung knows he’ll get away with it. He’ll just continue to wait for Jeno to keep buying a constant supply for them both.

Watch Jeno find out Jisung was the culprit here.